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Quality Foot and Ankle Care in New Mexico!

Providing the highest quality foot and ankle care to the people of New Mexico. Serving Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Los Alamos, Taos & Raton. 


Question: What could be more important than taking care of the part of your body that ensures your mobility and freedom?

Answer: Achieving the active lifestyle you want through better education on foot and ankle health.

The experienced doctors at InMotion Foot & Ankle Center dedicate their practice not only to the treatment of the feet and ankles, but also to education about the feet and ankles. Their goal is to work with the patient side-by-side and teach them about their problem and treatments, to help ensure maximum recovery. We are ready to help you with your foot and ankle pain. Click here to find a doctor.

What else makes InMotion Foot & Ankle Center different from other podiatrists in New Mexico?

  • We are a full service practice that follows the patient from diagnosis through surgery recovery.
  • We care for all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics.
  • We offer surgical options at our surgery centers or at local hospitals.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology such as radiographic diagnostic testing, ultrasounds, and vascular studies.
  • Our caring and knowledgeable staff focuses on education along with treatment.
  • We are friendly and approachable, encouraging questions from our patients.
  • We handle a wide array of foot and ankle pain issues.

We have multiple locations to serve patients with foot and ankle pain throughout New Mexico. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get back on your feet by calling 505-982-0123 or by filling out our online form to schedule an appointment.

Are you a new patient with InMotion Foot & Ankle Center? We have created a New Patient Information page just for you that includes all the forms you will need to complete prior to your first appointment, as well as a new patient checklist that will help you prepare for your visit. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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William Blake, DPM of Foot and Ankle Associates

Service Areas

Foot and Ankle Conditions Foot and Ankle Conditions

There are numerous conditions that can affect the feet and ankles and a podiatrist is the best doctor to diagnose and treat this kind of pain. We have built this online library to help educate our patients on what the possible causes could be and to help you determine if you need to make an appointment with one of our four podiatrists.

Woman's Foot Care Woman's Foot Care

Learn about the common causes and treatment of women's foot pain.

Children's Foot Care Children's Foot Care

Children with strong, healthy feet often avoid many kinds of lower extremity problems later in life.  When your child has foot problems, it is important to take care of the pain early so it does not lead to more complications.

Diabetic Foot Care Diabetic Foot Care

Foot problems are a big risk in diabetics. Diabetics must constantly monitor their feet or face severe consequences, including amputation.

Active Foot Care Active Foot Care

Whether you are a professional athlete or play sports just for fun, the demands made on your feet and lower limbs can lead to a range of injuries.  Learn how we can help.

Running Foot Care Running Foot Care

Whether you are a ultra marathon runner or just jog for fun, the demands made on your feet and lower limbs can lead to a range of injuries.  Your running style, poor footwear and even minor changes in your training can also contribute to injury.

New Mexico Community New Mexico Community

Find community events and announcements for our patients throughout Northern New Mexico.